"I was born in 'Den Bosch, The Netherlands in 1954. I have been a lifelong doodler. My work is influenced by children's drawings & toys, folk and indigenous art forms. I am an amateur painter and maker of 'things.' But I spend most of my time doing this, and I will continue as long as there are new things to discover."


"I like my work to be joyous, colorful with a kinetic feel. I'll work with and on anything available, including old wood, cardboard, and all kinds of wonderful junk."


John van Orsouw lives and works in Canajoharie, NY. He is a self taught artist, born and raised in the Netherlands. He has 'drawn and doodled' since he was a child. His vibrant acrylic paintings and sculptures are influenced by a number of eclectic sources which include children's art and colorful toys, and the 20th Century Expressionists. His interest in modern music, especially American Jazz is also evident in many of his paintings.


His works are filled with energy and imagination, a playful stream of consciousness, but not without order and an intuitive sense of balance. Both the two and three-dimensional pieces are so clearly from the same hand

'Goodbye Joe' By John vanOrsouw

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