Paul McIntyre B.Sc.(Hons.) is a British artist, who exhibits around the U.K. and sells internationally. His work is executed in a variation of forms from accurate Drawings to contemporary vibrancy of Modern Art Acylics. Paul McIntyre is a fine artist which means his talent gives him the ability to reproduce what he sees onto canvas. Equally a vivid imagination helps him to create fantastic Abstract work.


"I believe that artists live their work intensely. Its their passion 24 hours a day and is a way of life rather than a job. And, as time goes by this passion sharpens and improves the quality of the work more and more. I think that when the inspiration comes, it is better that it reaches you while you are working in the studio. With regards to the routine of a regular day If I am not in the studio, I constantly have a sketchpad with me to take impressions and notes that cross my mind whilst travelling and exhibiting. This helps me see the development through my sketches. From this sketchpad I can see that I bounce around the same ideas and have the same intentions for my paintings all the time, even though I may not know it at the time.


My works of art are visions of thought. A combination of emotions are reflected in my paintings. Art is such an important part of my life, because, for me, there are still a lot of things to discover and learn."


The New York city paintings included on Paul's website are drawn from Paul McIntyre 2007 cityscape collection, this exhibition explores various interpretations and depictions of New York urban living. The paintings presents a range of street views using the acrylic paint media. Each composition explores the structures of New York city, combined with Paul McIntyre s personal interpretation.


ARTIST'S STATEMENT... Where the buildings of a city might define its physical presence, it is the traffic , human activity and noise that can breathe life into any urban centre. Included in my art work are not only the architectural composition of a city but also the depictions of the 'hustle and bustle' within the city life experience. All are important aspects of the presentation. Paul McIntyre, 2007


Paul McIntyre B.Sc. (Hons.) was born in Coventry, England. After leaving school Paul pursued a career in the Civil Service. Having studied Psychology at University, it has been noted by many that this self taught artist introduces a psychological ambiance that breathes life into his paintings.


Because of popular demand for his art work, Paul turned professional. Today Paul McIntyre has hundreds of pictures in homes throughout the world. He has established himself as a popular international artist with a wide appeal.


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