Martha Leone's career began in New York City. She worked in a wide variety of painting styles for the stationary industry. Then she and her artist husband John, left the city for the mountains "upstate."


She went completely "country" raising their own livestock and vegetables. She also continued to paint. She did a painting of the home they had just built, with all the neighbor's farms and the activities that abound. It attracted the attention of a gallery in Scottsdale that sold her husbands paintings. So began her career in galleries.


Her paintings are influenced, as her life, by the seasons. In Spring there is planting and foaling. In Summer come fairs, parades, haying and in the Fall there is harvesting and hunting. Winter brings sleigh-rides, ice skating and Christmas. Then it starts all over again.


Her galleries have been primarily in the West, but her work is in demand all across the country. She has shown in New York and in small upstate towns. She has done numerous private commissions, among them paintings for K. Gould and L. Rockefeller. Her work is available as limited edition prints and on collectable plates. She did the poster for "The Royal" in toronto. With her husband John, she held a two person show in Tokyo, which was sold out.


Martha continues to thrive on the "country life" while she paints the world around her.

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