"The feeling of being a free bird has kept me photographing and printing. I break all rules and let the creative juices flow ending up with a potpourri of photographs. Versatility is what I strive for and i can enjoy any form of photography. The 60's studying with David Vestal was the high point. He urged me on. The 70's the Floating Foundation of Photography, teaching in the prisons what great moments! I hope my future prints will sing with energy.


Maggie Sherwood started as a landscape photographer for James Rose and a portrait and theater photographer including the Actors' Studio, Burgess Meredith and Zero Mostel. In 1970 she co-founded the Floating Foundation of Photography, a gallery and educational center moored in the Hudson River on the West Side of Manhattan from which she produced many exhibitions and international traveling shows.


She was very passionate about promoting unknown photographers and often included their work in shows with her well-known friends such as Lisette Model, Lilo Raymond, and Eugene Smith. many of today's established photographers had their first professional exposure on the unique purple barge. Ms. Sherwood's teaching brought photography to people of all ages from pre-schoolers to senior citizens in hospitals, psychiatric centers, schools, and neighborhoods and se initiated the first photography programs in women's prisons.


Ms. Sherwood's photographs have been widely published, including portfolios in Women of Vision, Sing Sing, the View from Within, Photography from Within, INFINITY,

Famous Photographers Annual, other camera annuals, and many magazine portfolios and covers including CUE and WBAI.


Maggie Sherwood was always ahead of her time. She loved to "break the rules". She was a pioneer in experimental photography including motion photographs of Central Park and the Garment District of New York City... solarizations... reversals... double exposures... and hand-painted one-of-a-kind photographs. Her work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution and Bibliotheque Nationale, as well as in many private collections.


Maggie's work is currently on exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York: "The Automat", The Designer's Place, NYC: "Deviations", and a one woman show at Gabriel's, Kingston, NY: "Free as a Bird".

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