John Leone started his career in New York City as an illustrator for magazines and books. From the beginning, his love for horses and the outdoors permeated his work.


Knowing he couldn't keep a horse from standing still, or a landscape from changing light, he found photography a useful tool. Soon he moved from the city to the country with his artist wife Martha. He bought a farm in upstate New York and began to acquire his own horses. There he honed his riding and driving skills, allowing him to enter horse shows and hunter-pace events.


The hounds and horses in his paintings are frequently his own. To further his quest for authenticity in his work, he joined a local hunt. To be able to ride in even the worst weather, he attached an indoor arena to his barn.


John Leone has painted numerous commissions for collectors of their favorite mounts. He is represented by galleries in Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, Scottsdale and Chicago. He has had private shows in New York City, numerous corporate shows, a show at L. Rockefeller's Beaverkill Inn and a sold out two man show in Tokyo.

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