Image '3' By Jackson Dembar

"That which has occured to me in Jackson Dembar is his style of intent of that of an intermediary with a ritual of the unconscious, a person with parasacerdotali functions allowing them to tune into the divine or better with the dark and light sides of ourselves.


His 'spray painted' works are an immediate evolutionary concept that abandons the art of graffiti, the likes of which are immediately assimilated and objectified for metropolitan use. In order to mature on superficial widths, he expands in an outbreak of vital deep movements, profound and fascinating, every painting telling an evocative history, projecting fears and reproach of an almost european level against a deeply american panorama, desperately as a newyorkese.


The vision of Dembar seems to all be geared towards modern technology, free of any historical reference; his world, that of one which is incommunicable (timeless): the sex and gestures, representations, the crowds are of solitary multitudes, the chaos and the impossible antithetic figuration of a social one.


For a long time now when I occupy myself professionally in the arts, I am motivated emotionally with the chance of always discovering something new, Jackson Dembar is doing this (for me)."



ARTIST'S STATEMENT... Abstract art is about Graphic Invention. Since its inception in the early 1900's, led by Mondrian and Malevich the concept of abstraction has divided art into two distinct catagories, figurative or representational art and abstract art.


Abstract art is NOT a picture as is figurative or representational art, however it is a form of communication as is traditional art. It represents a Visual Idea using the three basic elements of art which are COLOR, FORM, and RHYTHM, combined to create a new and unique SIGHT which demonstrates the idea of the painter.


This VISUAL IDEA reflects a new way of showing what is around us in the universe, what we see, how we see, what we don't see but know and/or how we may be able to see through the painters eye and mind. The painter excercises his intellect together with his emotional experiences and his total life force to create this unique image, which is his and only his. But if he is successful this image communicates to the viewer which completes the synapse and makes a successful experience for both the painter and his audience.

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