Harvey Konigsberg was born in New York City in 1940. He studied painting at New York University and the University of Miami. In 1965, he began studying Aikido with Yamada Sensei at New York Aikiai. He devoted himself equally to the disciplines of painting and Aikido. In 1987, he founded Woodstock Aikido and continues to serve as chief instructor. He is currently a seventh degree black belt and a Shihan, master instructor. Over the years, his work has been exhibitied in 22 one-man shows in New York City in addition to numerous national and international exhibitions. And his work has been represented in private collections and museums around the world.


Art should be a luminous experience for both the artist and viewer. to create this experience in my work, I continuously strive to use movement and form to reveal the unseen world. To achieve this goal I suspend the classical notion of foreground, background adn subject to focus entirely on the total interrelationship of all facets of the world to reveal the elemental force of the universe . . .

Harvey Konigsberg

'ORANGE MOBY' By Harvey Konigsberg

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