I attended the State University College of New Paltz and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education. taught two years of public school in the visual arts. I did 2 years of graduate studies at Cranbrook Art Academy and received a Master of Fine Arts. I taught 7 years at Mankato State University in Minnesota. I have worked in the studio for the past 20 years doing functional and fine arts.



Many things have the structural and technical potential to resolve a furniture design problem. interpreting this potential and experimenting with it in the form of a chair can create the support and compatibility to fit the form. The 'Mankato Chair' is a cantilevered membrane structure. The iron is the tensile material necessary to maintain the form, and the leather is the material in contact with the human form. This chair is designed to be masculine and imbued with the character of Greek, Viking, Spanish and cowboy personalities.


'The MANKATO CHAIR' Signature series

The 'Mankato Chair' is a mixed media accent chair, which combines forged iron with saddle-weight leather. The chair is designed to make a powerful statement while providing museum-quality features.


The materials are designed to develop a patina with time, thus providing increasing esthetics with age. It is designed to sit comfortably: with daily use, the leather seat conforms to it's owner.


In a recent competition, this chair was recognized as one of the top contemporary chairs internationally by renowned designer/craftsmen Sam Maloof.


The chair's design allows for many applications in contemporary settings, but due to it's powerful nature, it will require your interior designer to create the right effect.

Mankato Minnesota was the site of that inspired creation of this chair. Made of hot forged riveted iron, 11 oz. tempered leather tanned with South African tree bark, hand stitched with 6 cord waxed linen.


Each chair is signed and numbered for authenticity and future value.


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