"The ideas I find most compelling are those related to my continued interest in and exploration of vast open spaces, ever-changing  light, dramatic skies and clouds, coastal marshes, tidal streams, and quiet shorelines, as well as inland fields, forests and wetlands.


I am excited  by the way light reflects on water, or of sun hitting a patch of field or stand of pine, by the shift and change and movement of clouds and their effect on land and water.

Every season presents new interest and challenges. I continue to create many small plein air studies, often using them as a basis for larger studio work.


Although primarily representational, my work often edges toward abstraction and a more exaggerated sense of color, space and scale, as I enjoy experimenting with new materials, techniques and format."

'Path to the Sea' By Mary Nolan

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Illuminated Sea

36" x 36" oil on canvas SOLD