Ailian Price, a resident of upstate New York, was born in China and developed an interest in art in early childhood. By 16 she was participating in major fine arts exhibitions. After studying traditional Chinese painting at the Fine Arts Institute in Guangzhou and presenting her work in award-winning exhibitions in China, she expanded her artistic experience by earning a masters degree in fine arts at Parsons School of Design in New York. Her first solo exhibition was held in 2002 at Kaaterskill gallery, Hudson, New York. She has since exhibited her work in various locations. Her series of water flowers combines eastern and western painting technique, which has enabled her to develop a distinctive style. Her works are included in the Museum of Fine Arts of Guangzhou and in the Fine Arts Institute of Guangzhou, China. Her work has been collected in the USA, Germany, Singapore and China.



"I studied Chinese traditional ink and color-washed painting and painted for years in China before I came to the United States. In the United States, I studied Western painting. Through this experience, I learned to use color to enhance my painting. I found that acrylic paints are the best medium for me to combine both Eastern and Western painting techniques to achieve my own style. I am currently painting on canvas over gold or color ground.


I have felt strongly about the beauty of water flowers for years. They are so pure, showing themselves in the best way to the world. I hope my paintings can bring feelings of calmness and peace to the viewer."

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